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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Grocery Shopping
The volunteer may offer to shop with or without the member accompanying. If the volunteer is to shop alone, she/he must pick up a list and payment source prior to shopping. The volunteer may help putting the groceries away.

Pick Up and Deliver Prescriptions
The volunteer will pick up the prescription and payment source from the member, have the prescription filled, and deliver to the member. If the prescription is ordered on line or on the phone and the payment is automatic, the volunteer needs only to pick up and deliver the prescription to the member.

Accompany to a medical or dental appointment
The volunteer will make certain that the member agrees to provide transportation via taxi at his/her expense to the appointment and back. The volunteer, by prearrangement, may accompany member home.

Help order books on line or pick up/ deliver from Water Tower Place Library
The volunteer will pick up the member’s library card (and any books to be returned) prior to pick up and delivery of new books.

Technological help
The volunteer will use their skills in helping members with computer issues, TV and DVR help, iPhone/Pad/Pod set up and any other technological assistance that the volunteer feels comfortable sharing. The volunteer will not be responsible for moving furniture or heavy objects in the execution of the help.

Visit a member who would like to have company at home, or in the hospital or rehab facility.

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